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11 August 2013 @ 03:29 pm
Somehow, my feelings for HSJ are starting to fade and I don't really like that! But Arashi's too awesome to be true so it can't be helped. I found myself addicted to them as I have to watch at least one episode of their variety shows every day to feel contented. Nuuuuuuu! T_T There goes my focus in studies! 5
24 April 2011 @ 03:44 pm

Yoooo~! Long time no post! :D

Today, I attended a walkathon near Giant Bukit Tinggi organised by the Sathya Sai Baba Centre of Klang, "Walk For Values : Go Green".

I thought that it would be a drop dead boring event but I was wrong! It was pretty enjoyable though, at least for me. Lots of people on my Facebook list were complaining about how this event had wasted their Sunday morning but hey! It wasn't that bad...

It was basically just walking around the town IN GREEN CLOTHES. Yes, very bright green clothes. I might post up a picture soon if my friend uploads it on Facebook! There were lots of shouting too. Like... GO GREEN GO GREEN! Or.... GREEN LOVERS! GREEN LOVERS! There were kids who were dressed in only leaves too. I tell you, it was darn cuteeee! They must had felt itchy though. D:

My school encouraged every student to go because it was like a competition, where the school which has the most students who participate in it wins. Our school managed to drag 700++ students over there, but we were beaten by another school who had brought 1000++ students over. Awww mannn. :( But at least I contributed! Haha. XD

For my school's roll call, we shouted : When I say Convent you say Go! Convent! Go! Convent! Go! Convent Convent Convent! Go! Go! Go! GOOOOOOO GREEEN! (There were more but I forgot. XD)

Haha it was super fun shouting with my friends! And yes, my school's name's Convent. Weird isn't it? My online friends all think that I'm a nun. Oh well.

Met up with my guy friends from another school too!! HAHA, we had such a hard time looking for them. T called me first and asked where I was. Here's our rough conversation.

T : Eh, you're at the Go Green event right? Where are you?? There are so many people here!
Me : Yaaa! Where are you?? I don't see you!
T : Me too! Ummm, I see lots of pots here on my right hand side!
Me : Huh? POTS?! Oh you mean a nursery??
T : Ah yes!
Me : -.- So are you in front or behind?
T : Ummm, I don't know! There are people in front of me and behind of me so I guess I'm in the middle?
Me : HAHHH? Okay, whatever. Just stay at where you are and wait for us.

XDXD But we still managed to find him and his gang. Yokattaa! :D

Well, all I can say is, not bad. But I'm tanned to the extent that I look like a roasted chicken now. I did put on sunblock you know. Oh well. D:

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09 February 2011 @ 09:56 pm

I'm very stressed up lately, I don't even know why.

I assume it's because of the overloading homework given by teachers in school, it's so crazy that it's hell for me.
I can't bare sitting at my desk holding my pen for the whole day, I need a break.

Another thing is, the gathering I planned on this Saturday. I'm doing steamboat and might be buying KFC and satay. Not a party, just a small gathering. Invited a number of people, but some of them said they can't make it so I invited some other people. Out of a sudden, everyone told me at the same time that they can make it, so my list of guests ended up very long. Around 17 people. My plan was to call 10 people, just nice. Well, not to say MANY people, because it's only a small gathering plus my house is not big enough, it's giving me a great headache. And buying food for 17 people is pretty OUCH. D: And because we have 10 girls and 4 boys, one of my guy friend told me that it would be awkward so I allowed him to bring along his other two friends from school. (we're from different schools btw) Well, I don't mind actually, I'm ready to make new friends! :D

And then now some of them once again informed me that they can't make it. Oh, my friends I beg you... Please confirm with me as soon as possible~ I need to know how many people are coming to buy food.. I can't afford to buy insufficient food for you guys.. >< I'll have to buy new bowls too since I have a small family (I'm the only child).

One more thing. Exam is coming up! GAHHHHH. Which means I need to digest my books again after relaxing for such a long time. Good thing it's just a monthly test, or else I'll really start plucking my own hair from my head. D:

The next thing I'm going to be stressed up about is seeing white hair grow. Oh man.


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03 February 2011 @ 12:35 am

Happy Chinese New Year to all my Chinese friends out there!!

May all of you have a prosperous and lucky year ahead! Let's collect lots of angpaus and turn rich overnight!! MUAHAHA. :D

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25 January 2011 @ 08:50 pm

After coming back from school today, I took my shower and after coming out of the bathroom, mummy called me to help her dye her hair. So, okay. It was my second time after like don't know how many donkey years.

I didn't realise that I didn't have hand gloves on and mummy said they didn't provide hand gloves together with the hair dye so I kept on since it was already too late to realise. After that, I asked mummy if the hair dye would fall off and she said it'll be easier to fall off when it's dried. So okay. Ate Mcdonalds, watched TV and hah! I thought that I had waited long enough to wash it off by that time. Went to the toilet, washed with soap and guess what? It didn't drop off even a bit. MY GOOD LORD. My hands were like BLACK. JET BLACK. Well in fact they're still pretty black now.

I got panic and tried lots of ways to remove it. LOL. Um, I think I had tried using vinegar, Clorox, detergent, toothpaste, warm water and many more but none of them worked. Well, only a bit though. It had only faded off a bit. My hands look awful now. It burnt like hell after trying out so many ways to remove the hair dye. :(


Bahawanya saya, Yap Shieh Er berikrar tidak akan mewarnakan rambut ibu tanpa menggunakan sarung tangan lagi. *sumpah*

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22 January 2011 @ 11:18 am

Sigh, I wanted to get full attendance for my school actually. Well, at least for this month because we'll get 3 merit points if we get full attendance for each month. :D But theeeeeen, when I woke up this morning, my throat was burning and my nose was running like... HELL.

Sorry to my friends for spoiling our aim to get excellent attendance. :(

Btw, school on Saturdays sucks.

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20 January 2011 @ 01:04 pm

Sigh.. I guess I'm gonna remove that hiatus post. I'm not exactly on a hiatus anyway. xD

I can't bring myself to study every day, instead, I find myself lurking around the net all day. This is very bad. VERY BAD, but I can't help it..

*sigh* I don't know why but I feel crappy today. I feel like ranting today. I've decided not to post this in my other blog because none of my real life friends knows about my LJ. Okay, maybe one or two but I don't think they ever visit or remember its existence.

Why do I have a feeling that everyone around me hates me? I feel so left out in everything. Am I that despicable?

I've been trying very hard to mingle with everyone, socialise and all but it seems like the result isn't very satisfactory. It's like people don't even give a damn about what I'm doing or how I feel. I often have this kind of feeling. I hope I don't have depression.

Well, I don't exactly know what I'm crapping about here which just shows how crappy I'm feeling right now.

I want to concentrate on my school assignments but I just can't. I want to watch HSJ videos but I'm not in the mood to do so. So here I am. For those who read this, sorry for wasting your time and thanks for taking your time. I hope this crappy feeling subsides soon enough or else I'm just gonna be emo the whole day.

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02 January 2011 @ 09:36 pm
School's starting tomorrow!! Nuuuuuu!!! *obviously not ready for Form 5 life yet*

hyuuchiha_miki I am so jealous of you now. However, good luck in your future! I'll enjoy the same freedom as you have now in just one year. *peace*

My friends and I have a mission tomorrow, which is to fight for the seats in the first and second rows in the middle. That's gonna be tough because like, almost everyone in my class wants seats under the fan, so yeah. xD The bad thing about school is the horrible assembly where the teachers basically just blah throughout the whole perhimpunan. :(



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27 December 2010 @ 06:39 pm
So, I came back from Malacca yesterday. And my little cousin, Isaac, gave me a birthday present. Guess what a little kid can afford to give??


Picture under the cutCollapse )

Now, how cute is that? Aww gawd, I love him sooo much!! <3

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24 December 2010 @ 11:23 am
Does anyone have any idea how Tumblr works? I've explored some of my friends' Tumblr but I'm still clueless. Lol, I'm really an idiot when it comes to this kind of things. I used quite some time to get used to Livejournal too. xD

Anyway, I woke up to lots of birthday messages in my phone and Facebook! Thank you so much guys! You guys are amazing! :D I was pretty shocked because most of the messages came in at 12 am sharp. Lol, I was blank for a minute because I didn't know where to start. HAHA. Anyway thanks again to those who wished me! :D

Sigh, school's starting in like...10 days. Now, how awesome is that? >_> I don't want school to reopen so early because it means......... SPM is getting nearer. :( Yes, SPM is a very important exam Malaysians sit for during Form 5, or rather 17 and it decides your future for you. Haha, well not exactly but you depend on the results to enter universities and so on. So, GODDDDD, please let me get straight A+'s!!

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